Security and Protection Consulting

Develop new or enhance existing security measures that address internal issues as well as external concerns through penetration testing and measurements.

Comprehensive Threat Assessments

Understand the unique threat or threats to the client and devise a customized protection protocol that specifically addresses the circumstances.

Workplace Violence and Direct Threat Assessments

Train clients on the obvious and not-so-obvious signs and emerging signals of workplace violence and proper engagement with employees to enable security teams to be effective.

Surveillance and Field Operations

Monitor developments on site and online, and ensure highly mobile trained teams are exactly where they need to be.

Security Officers

Cost effective delivery of specialized security solutions, through plain clothes or uniformed security officers, contingent upon your specific needs.

Braven Group also invested in well equipped, marked vehicles that include GPS navigation, cellular phone, and emergency response gear. Our officers have been fully trained in specialized surveillance procedures that result in patrols in an un-patterned methodology to thwart criminal’s timing of our comings and goings.

Electronic Surveillance Systems

Braven Group associates include current and recently retired law enforcement detectives in northern and central Ohio tasked as their departments’ electronics security specialists. Now that very specific expertise is available only to Braven Group clients. Our law enforcement associates perform site security assessments and design monitored intrusion systems that clients can view from their office or anywhere with an internet connection. Typically, designed systems include a specifically placed combination of overt and covert cameras as well as alarms designed to not only protect property but deter potential employee theft. Equipment is of course available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether a building yet to be constructed or adding on to an existing system, only Braven Group clients have access to to not only alarms and cameras but more importantly, directly benefit from decades of law enforcement experience that understands the criminal element better than anyone else.

Close Protection / Executive Protection

Protection for individuals, teams of individuals and/or families. Protection at the most personal level demands highly trained professionals who are also highly mobile.

Vulnerability Assessments

Determine recovery time and how long a business can afford to be shut down in the event of an emergency situation – whether it be a natural disaster, an active threat carried out, or loss of leadership without contingencies in place. This assessment asks the critical questions that start with “What if…”.

Ongoing Training and Testing

Training and testing for client security and protection teams to understand emerging issues and trends, and how to address them effectively. Continuous education is critical and shared with our clients. Braven Group also undergoes rigorous training and testing on an ongoing basis.

Patrol Inspections

At Braven Group we actively perform patrol inspections to routinely monitor the interior and exterior of your property.

Our mobile patrol officers understand the importance of “routine.” So do criminals. As such, we ensure that the mobile patrolling officers inspect your property at varied times and places so that would be criminals are never sure “when the coast is clear.” This is a critical element of highly successful mobile patrols.

As with our on-foot officers, our mobile patrol team is highly professional, highly trained, and highly motivated to protect your property. They are heavily supported by our customer service team. For example,

  • Professionally marked, security vehicles
  • Access to senior leadership for immediate escalation and trouble shooting
  • In-car communication and navigation devices
  • Immediate access to local law enforcement support
  • Centralized dispatch services