Financial and Corporate Theft Investigations

Whether embezzled funds, theft of proprietary information, or theft of property, Braven Group is uniquely qualified to resolve these issues as well as identifying how the actions occurred, who was involved, and instituting procedures to defeat any future attempts.

For more than two decades, we have successfully traced both personal and corporate assets around the globe including previously unidentified bank accounts, brokerage accounts, out of state property, motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, and equity positions in corporations and partnerships.

When discovery and/or the issuance of subpoenas are viable options, Braven Group is also frequently called upon to analyze documents such as bank statements, cancelled checks, brokerage account statements and credit card statements. The review of such documents frequently identify a multitude of assets as well as travel, expenditure, and lifestyle patterns, all of which can paint a complete picture.

Should the need arise, Braven Group also maintains a strategic alliance with a well known investigative forensic accounting firm headquartered in Chicago with additional offices in Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.