Our collaborative work with legal counsel relevant to investigative matters across multiple practices areas – and our deep understanding of the sensitive information counsel requires – positions us as a trusted investigative partner. We have demonstrated experience with globally recognized brands and major law firms, as well as individual clients, to do what we do best: assess, investigate and protect what matters most.

Our security services division provides a sophisticated, thoughtful, and comprehensive approach to what it means to be protected and includes services ranging from electronic surveillance systems, site security consultations, security guards, and patrol stops.

When retaining security guards, you expect protection... but we also bring to your environment a professional security presence that reflects the image of your organization.

Our leadership team brings more than 85 years of diverse, in-the-field investigative and security experience.

Brad Sisbarro

Brad Sisbarro manages the Security Division and brings 15 years of officer intelligence work to Bravin Group. Brad is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps where he served as a Communications specialist for the Forward Tactical Team during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and also providing diplomatic security for top military officers as well as U.S. Delegates traveling in Iraq. Brad is a Deputy Court Officer for Franklin County serving civil and criminal process and warrants and works with local, state, and federal law enforcement identifying, seizing, and establishing Intellectual Property cases involving counterfeit merchandise. Mr. Sisbarro is an experienced professional, manager, and leader within the organization and the industry.

Kevin Forder

Kevin Forder manages the Bravin Group Investigative Division working with local, state and federal law enforcement on Intellectual Property investigations pertaining to civil and criminal anti-counterfeiting protection, including trademark and patent infringement, on behalf of over 20 global brand manufacturers. He and his team of investigators are adept at identifying illegal operations and counterfeit merchandise, as well as identifying their manufacturing processes and/or sources to include channels of distribution.

Kevin also conducts and supervises cases related to employer representation issues, business civil litigation, financial fraud, family law and insurance fraud business defense issues which include arson, personal property injury and alleged theft of property. Mr. Forder is an experienced professional, manager and leader within the organization and the industry.

Stan Latta

Stan Latta serves as a Supervising Detective and Investigator of the Columbus Division of Police’s Crime Scene Search Unit in addition to serving on the leadership team of Bravin. A veteran of the police department for nearly 40 years, Stan has served as a member of the Strategic Response Bureau, Domestic Violence Unit, Vice Section, Homicide Unit and Critical Incident Response Team. While serving in the Vice Section, he was supervisor in charge of the audio/video operations in both covert and overt applications and is a former member of the National Technical Investigators Association. Stan is formally trained in interviews, interrogations and major crime scene investigations and an experienced leader in all phases of police operations.